Jakel…Malaysia’s largest textile retailer with the best and most extensive fabrics collections for all your needs since 1985.


JAKEL a company was founded by Mohamed Jakel Bin Ahmad on 24th January 1983 in Muar, Johor. In its early days, JAKEL TRADING started as a textile wholesale supplier to small retailers around the town of Muar, which is now known as The Royal Town of Muar.

In 1985, JAKEL opened a branch in Segamat, Johor. A few years later, the company raised an additional capital investment of RM500,000. Throughout the years, JAKEL has expanded its operations through retail trading and supplying textiles to both government and private sectors, and today JAKEL Group’s net worth has reached RM5 billion.

With a combination of business acumen and sound management, JAKEL successfully weathered the 1997 economic downturn and grew to become the No. 1 textile company in Malaysia. JAKEL has achieved international accomplishments and accolades through several subsidiaries and alliances and has earned the trust and standards necessary to further expand its business ventures. JAKEL currently employs about 5,000 employees engaged in research and development, branding sales, and marketing and support services.

One Branch, One State

An investment of RM1.6 million was made to purchase the Shaw Brothers’ Rex Cinema located in Segamat, Johor. The theatre was turned into a warehouse. Although JAKEL Trading received overwhelming responses from the customers, the courageous decision was indeed worth taken.

In the late 1990s, JAKEL TRADING became the major wholesaler and distributor of the textile industry in Malaysia. With the goal of “ONE BRANCH, ONE STATE”, JAKEL TRADING has opened 20 branches throughout Malaysia. It intends to conquer the textile industry from north to south of Malaysia.

In the beginning


The late Mohamed Jakel Bin Ahmad started his small retail business in Muar, Johor selling carpets to the local community and wholesaling to other sellers around town.

In the beginning


Jakel’s first branch was opened in Segamat and was named ‘Jakel Trading’. They expanded the business from just selling carpets to retailing textiles and fabrics at wholesale prices to the public.


Jakel further expanded its operations by venturing as a textile semi-wholesaler and supplier for the government agencies and private sectors.

Late 1990’s

Due to the economic crisis and shortage in fabrics, Jakel switched to direct imports from overseas. Since then, Jakel became a major wholesaler and distributor of the textile industry in Malaysia.


Jakel remains as the biggest textile industry in Malaysia with 22 stores nationwide offering a myriad of fabrics, ready-to-wear clothing, bridal items, essentials and home furnishings.